Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Rules of Life: #02

Rule #2 A fallen object cannot fall.

Have you ever taken a pen and instead of laying it on its side, stood it up on its end? I have. It's not terribly efficient. It usually ends up on its side somewhere else and you can't be sure in advance which one or where.

Energy suffuses every system. If it doesn't, it's not much of a system. If that energy can be released, you should be aware of where and how.

If your system is deenergized, you'd also want to know.

It applies to folks too. I mean, a person's life can always sink a little bit lower, but generally speaking, you can only fall so far. After a certain point, there's simply nothing left to lose, materially, physically, personally. There comes a point at which people and systems hit rock bottom.

There's a lot of space above that too, and it can be a long, hard fall.


Derek said...

There are a lot of interesting ideas here worth exploring, but I latched on to one.

As a person afraid to fall, I recognize the courage it takes to let go of all attachment in pursuit of a goal. Knowing the potential consequences.

The consequences are real...
The punishment is real...
And success is not ensured.

I am slowly realizing that the state of contentment doesn't rest with pursuing the pleasurable while running from the pain. Contentment comes from facing the reality that both pleasure and pain are impermanent alternating states. Then accepting this relationship and surrendering to it.

VanVelding said...

They only pass if they pass, y'know? Right now I'm watching a lot of folks in terminally bad places. Granted, they tend to be pretty upbeat about it, so maybe I'm being a bit judgmental.

Maybe I could've put it differently. "Eventually the phrase 'It can't get any worse' is true." ;)