Friday, May 09, 2014

Houma Movie Club, Phase 5

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been updating a lot lately. My job situation is getting critical and I moved out here to Los Angeles for two weeks to see if I could fare any better than I was in San Antonio. Spoilers: I did not. 

Anyway, I've been trying to make the most of my time here (job-wise; trying not to get too much of this reverse Sarlacc Pit on me is something of a secondary goal) and I've been pretty twisted up, so there hasn't been much writing getting done.

Moving onto the business at hand. This week, the Houma Movie Club is back on our regular rules: no more than two of us have seen it, has to be on Netflix, and it can't have been released more than five years ago.

We talked a little bit last week about movie length and a few other things. I've gone over my old Houma Movie Club blogs and I didn't see it coming up. It might have been a rule I had in my head and never put down, so I put my hand up there. I should have said something before it became an issue. Everyone is still getting punished with my from-the-hip pick of "In the Name of the King 2: Crankless," but I was probably wrong about us having discussed it before.

#1: Odd Thomas (2013, 100 min)
We've already watched Odd Thomas and we're talking about it tonight. It's a really good movie and I'm glad we chose it first.

#2: Sexy Evil Genius (2013, 91 minutes)
Look, we all know that Seth Green isn't ever in anything good, even though Seth Green himself is somehow awesome. I think he sucks the cool out of everything to use on himself. But this looks pretty well put together. If the trailer of Sexy Evil Genius reminds me of anything, it's Wild Things and that's a good thing.

#4: Bullet (2012, 87 minutes)
Danny Trejo does Big Jake. I can live with that. Mostly because I miss Danny Trejo.

#5: Carlos (2010, 165 minutes)
It's a dramatic biopic about Carlos the Jackal. He kills dudes and gets to travel the world. He's kind of an asshole murderer, but I think we're going to see a complex, nuanced portrayal of that. He's like Garak if the Romulans were Iranians.

#3: In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds (2011, 96 minutes)
Would my friends rather watch hardcore gay pornography than this Uwe Boll pile of shit? Yes. Would they rather watch homosexual pornography awkwardly starring their own parents? Still yes, I think. Is it wrong to ask my friends to watch this? Yes.

Does that make me worse than Carlos the Jackal? Maybe. Maybe.

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