Top 10 Best Things for 2012

10. Diet Coke - Always Diet Coke.
9. The Blog - A storm is coming.
8. School - It's still complete.
7. Magic: the Gathering: the Campaign System - It's coming along well.
6. Job Hunting - I've got three options: mourning, persistence, and hope.
5. Being Great - Still am.
4. San Antonio - New motto idea: "San Antonio. It's hot. It's congested. No one can drive. But at least it's dry. San Antonio: It's not Louisiana."
3. Video Games - Crackdown 2. Minecraft. C&C: Generals

2. Roleplaying - This new campaign is kicking my ass.
1. NaNoWriMo - I invoke the ancient Rite of Do-Over!

Jesus Christ, this is old.

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